Williamson Property Sale

We are pleased to announce a new development with our church property on Williamson!  We are hopeful this will help move the sale forward.  The Negotiating Team has come to an agreement with Bridgepoint Lifecare Group, LLC - the buyer of the large northern parcel of our land.  The new contract agrees to sell approximately 10.5 acres at the Southwest corner of our property.  The land is mostly wetlands and buffer area, with very little buildable acreage. Bridgepoint’s goal in purchasing this property is to use it in developing a retention system that would serve the entire parcel as well as incorporate drainage for the road-widening project planned by Volusia County for Williamson Blvd.  There are several highlights to this contract:

  • Purchase price is $275,000
  • Bridgepoint will pay for all permitting, studies, engineering, building, and maintenance costs associated with the retention system
  • First United will hold on to 25 acres of buildable land at the Southeastern corner of the property.  This includes frontage along Williamson and Strickland Range Road.
  • The proposed retention system would negate the need for two large retention ponds as proposed by Volusia County.  One of those ponds was to be dug on our 25 acres and would take up 3-5 acres of valuable property.
  • If, in the next 5 years, Bridgepoint sells this land at a profit, First United will receive 50% of the proceeds.
  • Our realtor has offered to waive her commission on this sale.

The sale is contingent upon approval of the retention system by Volusia County.  We are optimistic that the plans will be approved because they are beneficial to all of the parties involved.   The Guide Team remains committed to using the funds from sale of the property to fund missions and pay off debt.  Then, money will be put toward our current Halifax campus and used to promote our Western expansion.  The Investment Team has been charged with developing specific strategies for disbursement of funds following these guidelines.  The next step is to have the contract approved at a church conference via Zoom on February 8th at 6pm.  Leading up to this, we will have several virtual, informational gatherings that are still to be scheduled.  A “Frequently Asked Questions” page is linked below.  If you have questions not addressed below, please email them to Brett Robinson at   so that we can be sure to answer them during our information sessions.

Julia Harris

Guide Team Chairperson


Voting Resolution