40 Days of Love

We are excited to share several ways that we can 'Love First' in our communities during the season of Lent (February 17-April 3).  There are a few ways to track and access resources - you can download the list of acts and the check sheet to print and track or you can simply check here each day for how you are going to love on your community.  Regardless your choice we want to see what you are doing and share it so we can encourage others to join as well.  Take a picture and send it to   

40 Days of Love Worksheet

Time Only Tasks

1. Donate blood. https://www.oneblood.org.

2. Mow your neighbor’s yard.

3. Chalk a sidewalk with positive messages.

4. Take a prayer walk in your neighborhood and pray for each house.

5. List 7 people and pray for them each day this week.

6. Email or write to a teacher who has made a difference in your life.

7. Compliment the first 3 people you talk to today.

8. Post something positive and encouraging on social media.

9. Tell someone under 30 the strengths you see in them.

10. Tell someone over 70 what you appreciate about them.

11. Send an encouraging text message to 5 people.

12. Attach a kind sticky note message to a mirror or car window, co-worker’s car or classmate’s desk.

13. Offer to play or walk the dogs for a neighbor or at an animal shelter.

14. Know parents who could use a night out? Offer to babysit for free.

15. Call a loved one or someone you haven’t connected with for a while.

16. Pray for government leaders; bless them with encouraging notes or emails. Click link for contact information.

DAYTONA BEACH CITY COMMISSIONERS: https://www.codb.us/Directory.aspx?did=5

ORMOND BEACH CITY COMMISSION:   https://www.ormondbeach.org/116/City-Commission

VOLUSIA COUNTY COUNCIL: https://www.volusia.org/government/county-council/

GOV RON DESANTIS: https://www.flgov.com/contact-governor/

SENATOR RICK SCOTT: https://www.rickscott.senate.gov/

17. Write and mail encouraging cards to nursing home residents. Send cards to:

A Friend at OPIS BRIDGEVIEW CENTER, 350 S. Ridgewood Ave, Ormond Beach, FL  32174  Attn:  Cheryl Meeks

18. Volunteer to serve a meal at Bridge of Hope, or another HUM opportunity: https://halifaxurbanministries.org/volunteer.html or email: 

19. Post on social media, where you’ve seen God at work in your life.

20. Wheel up your neighbor’s trash cans or take the recycle bins up to their house.

21. Read a book to a child.

22. Share a snack with a friend.

23. Hold the door open for someone.

24. Color or write an encouraging note to your teacher.

25. Conduct a neighborhood donation drive: gather gently used pots, pans and skillets, towels, blankets & sheets from friends and neighbors to take to Hope Place. (Great family/teen project. Imagine building a relationship with your neighbors to regularly support HOPE Place.  This could grow to a quarterly event.)                                   

HOPE PLACE:  1340 Wright St. Daytona Bch 32117  386-317-5886

26. Leave coupons in the store with the item.

27. Color or write an encouraging note to your bus driver, school custodian, extended care workers, crossing guards, or lunch line servers, garbage collectors.

28. Call people on their birthday! A phone call means more than a text or Facebook post.

29.Return shopping carts to the store.

30. Walk a neighbors newspaper up to their doorstep, especially if they are away.

31. Host a socially distanced outdoor neighborhood gathering.

Tasks Which Require Some Money

32. Carry some $5 coffee shop, gas or fast-food gift cards to hand out.

33. Give a gift card to a drive-thru restaurant or store checkout employee – or just tell them they are awesome.

34. Surprise a neighbor with freshly baked treats.

35. Become a pen pal – write notes of encouragement or a valentine to a New Start student. Click link for a list of student names. Send cards and letters to NEW START at  336 S. Halifax Dr. Ormond Beach, FL  32176      https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0D49AFAB2FA2FA7-beanew

36. Donate toys or craft supplies for activity bags at a local hospital.

37. Give a thank you treat to your mail carriers, delivery drivers and/or sanitation employees.

38. Send a ‘Thank You’ card or treats to your local police or fire station.

39. Purchase new socks and underwear and donate them to The Beacon Center or Hope Place. Even better, contact these locations to determine what items may be most needed right now. HUM: https://halifaxurbanministries.org/donation-page.html

          Beacon Center: https://www.mybeaconcenter.com/donate/index

40. Send/give someone flowers.

41. Donate towels and blankets to Hope Place. HOPE PLACE: 1340 Wright St. Daytona Bch 32117 386-317-5886

42. Donate dog and cat food or towels and blankets to Halifax Humane Society. 2364 LPGA Daytona Beach, 32124  386-274-4703

43. Amazon Smile allows a portion of your purchase to support the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home. Use this link and order something you need & help FLUMCH. http://smile.amazon.com/ch/59-0638479

44. Make sandwiches like Peanut Butter and Jelly and pass them out to homeless in need.

45. Give a blanket or comforter to a homeless person.

46. Buy and extra umbrella and give it to someone caught in the rain.

47. Call, text or knock on your neighbor’s doors before you go grocery shopping and see if they need anything.

48. Plant a tree.

49. Take a flower to each nurse at a nurse’s station at the hospital.

50. Give one cottage a pizza party at the UM Children’s Home by donating Papa John’s gift cards: 386-668-4774  51 Children’s Way, Enterprise FL,32725 https://www.fumch.org/making-a-difference/donate/

51. Paint rocks with “Love First” on them and leave them in town or on neighbor’s doorstep with a link to our LOVE FIRST website page.

52. Give a plant to your neighbor or friend.

53. Write a note of encouragement/send stamps or a treat to a shut-in. Connect with to get the name and address of a shut-in.

54. Amazon Smile allows a portion of your purchase to support the NEW START program. Use this link and order something you need & help NEW START. http://smile.amazon.com/ch/59-3545590

Tasks With Money

55. Surprise someone with dinner.

56. Donate suitcases/Duffle Bag to Foster Children. https://www.comfortcases.org/

57. Donate $40 or 40 lbs. of food to Halifax Urban Ministries. https://halifaxurbanministries.org/food.html

58. Leave a kind server the biggest tip you can afford.

59. Donate packages of diapers and wipes to Resources for Women, The Beacon Center or Hope Place. (Contact ministries directly.  See links below)

60. Make a charitable donation:

HUM: https://halifaxurbanministries.org/donation-page.html

Resources for Women: https://freepregtestdaytona.com/support/

Beacon Center: https://www.mybeaconcenter.com/donate/index

FLUMCH: https://www.fumch.org/making-a-difference/make-a-donation/

61. Call FPL,the City Water Authority, or phone company and pay off late fees/a late bill for someone.

62. Buy coffee, tea or food for the person behind you in line or at a drive-thru.

63. Help feed a family, participate in a HUM virtual food drive: https://halifaxurbanministries.org/virtual-food-drive.html

64. Purchase new or donate seasonal clothing to a clothing pantry.

65. Grant a foster care wish: https://www.onesimplewish.org

Group Tasks

66. Hand out water at a gas station or Andy Romano Park.

67. Pass out pre-packaged treats on practice nights at the ball fields.

68. Take Gatorade or Powerade to a sporting event practice field.

69. Take quarters to a laundry mat and pay for people’s loads of clothes. -leave them inside the machines where they see it and the change will not be washed

70. Host a clean-up party at a nearby park or the beach.