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Keep Calm and Carry On

Series January 2019
Keep Calm and Carry On
Based on Max Lucado’s book “Anxious for Nothing.”
Scripture: Philippians 4:4-8
Goal: as we start the new year we are all under a lot of stress, worry, anxiety. We worry about our finances, family, health not even counting the craziness of the world. This series is set up to help us release worry and breathe, to calm our souls because God is with us.
Small groups can do the study guide.

Week One, Jan. 6
Tim McNeil will preach on Anxiety.

Week Two: Jan. 13
Title: Ask For Help
Scripture: Philippians 4:4-8 and Matthew 26:36-46
Key points: You aren’t alone in this. Ask for help. This is the hardest thing for us to do. Help.

We are great at giving help. I don’t know one person in our church who if I needed help wouldn’t offer it, but all of us struggle with asking for help. We see it as a sign of weakness, but all of us need it. In Philippians Paul tells us to ask… give thanks and then ask. So ask. What is it you need to ask? Where do you need God to intercede? What do you need to turn over to God?
In the story in the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus does. He flat out begs God to remove the cup. Now God doesn’t, and sometimes that is the answer but don’t let that stop you from asking. Jesus also asks his friends to pray. There is power in this. You are not alone.
Write out your prayers so that we can pray over them as a congregation this week.

Week Three: Jan. 20
Title: Ride the storm out.
Scripture: Acts 27:1-12, Isiah 40:28-31
Key points: The story in Acts is about a storm at sea that lasts 14 days. That’s a long time.
The peace of God doesn’t come from the calming of the storm but know that God is with us in the storm. God never promises there will not be storms in life, but God does promise to be with us in the storm.
The Isaiah passage tells us we have to wait. Ride the storm out. The trouble the sailors had with Paul is the same one the disciples had with Jesus in the storm. Jesus was sleeping he was at peace even though chaos abounded. The peace wasn’t the calming of the storm but that he was in the boat with them.
The promise that brings peace: God is with you, you are not alone. We belong to God. Hang on to that and ride the storm out.

Week Four: Jan 27
Title: Whatcha Thinking?
Scripture: Philippians 4:8-9, Matthew 14:22-33
Key Points: You are the air traffic controller of your thoughts. You control what you focus on. Worry is meditating on negative things. You can’t control them you just stew on them. Like a cow chewing its cud. So focus on the good things. You are loved. You matter. You belong to God. God loves you, period. Anxiety really is a mind game. Are you focused on what could go wrong, or what is going right?
Peter walked on water until he took his eyes off Jesus and focused on the wind and the waves. When we start looking at all that could go wrong, it generally starts to go wrong. When my eyes go to the phone when driving, or…. that’s where the car goes. Focus on the good. Keep connected to the source of hope.
The storms are going to come. There is peace. It is well with my soul.