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I Want to Believe ... but"

I want to believe … but

 April 8:  Fairy Tale God

Mark 9:23-25   “I want to believe, help my unbelief.”
Matthew 28:17   “Some doubted.”
We want to believe in God, but what if it isn’t true?  What if all of this is just a fairy tale, a made-up myth like Zeus?   On top of that, I want to believe but how do I believe when I can’t see or feel God.  Like the story of Thomas in John 20, I need proof. 

April 15:   Illogical God

II Corinthians 5:7    “We walk by faith not by sight.”
An ark?   Really?   Every animal?
A whale swallowed him whole?
6 days to create the world? 
What parts of the Bible do we believe when even Christians seem to pick and choose which parts are important.  It just doesn’t make any sense.  It’s not logical.  God chooses one son, but not the other, one people not the other, but then, God loves us period?  Too many contradictions.  Science says … so how do we believe?   It’s not logical.    

April 22:   Heartless God

Matthew 11:1-6   John the Baptist asked “Are you the one who is to come … ?”
Does God even care?  Look at all the things that happen in the world?   Look at all the bad things that happen to people who believe?  It’s like God doesn’t really care about us.  Of course you can say well look at all the good that happens.  Why do you assume good is expected but bad isn’t?  John is Jesus’ cousin, the one who prepared the way, and he is in prison.  John asks, “Are you getting me out?”  Nope.  Does God even care?   Why should I trust God if God isn’t going to get me out of a jam? 

May 6:    Angry God

Jeremiah 31:20 & more
Sending people to Hell.  Telling Abe to kill his son to prove he believes.   The flood, the whole world because of how bad we were.   Some parts of the Old Testament are straight up genocide.  Sodom and Gomorrah.  How can I trust God when it seems God is at any minute going to take me out if I step out of line?  Then the whole message of the cross is “God had to kill his son so that God can love us.”  How warped is that?