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I Believe ... a six week study of the Apostle's Creed


I Believe …  A six week study of the Apostle's Creed

Starting September 6th at Early Weekend Worship – Scott’s sermon series  I Believe … will focus on the Apostle’s Creed for six weeks.  In Growth Groups, we will follow the study guide by Jim and Jenn Cowart, Matt Hartsfield and Jorge Acevedo “Grounded in Creed.”

 “We know every word of the Apostle’s Creed, the basic summary of our Christian beliefs which has served the church for nearly 1,500 years, but do we really understand exactly what every word means? Grounded in Creed is a six-session study that expands on the principle that “growing people change” their hearts and lives.  The study highlights the wide diversity of beliefs about Christian life that are represented in every congregation. It brings focus, clarity, and accountability to the consequences of our shared beliefs. Session discussion topics include: I Believe, In God, In Jesus, In the Spirit, In the Church and In the Promise”

 This a great study guide filled with daily devotions, thought provoking activities, group conversation starters, and more. 

With Scott preaching and us following along with the study guide each week – there’s no doubt we’ll deepen faith and grow together relationally!

See Terri Lynch with any questions or to find the right Growth Group!